"Os métodos de fermentação são muitos e variados; ela é praticada em todos os continentes, de milhares de formas diferentes. (...) verá como é simples aproveitar os poderes nutritivos e curativos dos alimentos e bebidas fermentados." Sandor Ellix Katz
Eat Portugal
Eat Portugal

Eat Portugal


Sit down to eat with the Portuguese and before pudding has arrived, they will be discussing the next meal, their favourite restaurant, or where to find the best cured sausages. Come to Portugal on holiday, however, and you may miss out on all the really interesting food that they're talking about. Deciding what to eat can be quite tough if you don't speak the language. It's often easier to plump for the simple option of something grilled than risk trying something else that might turn out to be some bit of offal you really can't stomach. With the help of this book, you can dare to be bold and be surprised by Portuguese cuisine.

The recipes - Easy to make recipes for your newly discovered favourite Portuguese dishes, made with ingredients that you will find almost everywhere in the world (and if you can't find them, we tell you what to use instead).

The glossary -If you see a rissol on a menu, you' d be forgiven for thinking it's a rissole. But a rissole is a croquete, and a croquete has nothing to do with potatoes. Confused? Don't be. Find out what is what and try them anyway. They're delicious.

The dictionary - You will find plenty of friendly waiters eager to help, but are you sure they know what arroz de tamboril is in English? The simple dictionary will help you.

Useful information - To tip or not to tip? How do you pronounce "get me the complaints book!"? Discover some useful phrases to use in restaurants, tascas and cafés, from ordering to paying.

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